Investors tend to fret the little stuff far too much - I do it myself - but this is a big picture stock.


- a concession area about the size of the North Sea

- first well had 100m + of net pay, and they said that they missed the primary taget at the bttom, hitting the shallow end of the basin, but its still the best well Tullow ever hit in Africa

- the second well was a disappointment to investors - it only hit 3 zones totally 30m, that they hoped might flow 500 bbls per zone.  and now they flow 2800 constrained saying this well will flow 5000 bbls unconstrained

- PaiPai and Sabisa - maybe they hit and maybe they don't, but they have 100 targets already identified, before the new acreage in Ethiopia.   As they get experience, the number of targets probably go up

- Lundin has a history of doing this before, developing penny stocks, taking the risk, investing the time, and then cashing out in a large way


Unless your a trader, watching your investments too closely is going to cost money and cause agida.  Let them do what they know, and have done before.  Limited resources in country, so this is going to take some time, but I am hoping to see this at 30 in, say, three years time - could happen sooner, and could also be much better, but I can live with that - providing I have the patience and not fret the little stuff.