We here by put a pound the table buy of a lifetime here on AOI after confirmation oil does indeed flow from the basin .   Namgia flow should be "ideally" greater than twiga since twiga was drilled at the edge of the structure.  If we see greater than 5-7000 barrels flow( should be double or triple this) from N1 it will be declared commercial once and for all.  AOI to trade in the 10-15 range after Namgia (one of the best wells Tullow ever drilled)  flows are released.   Its golf time until they finish making swiss cheese out of kenya blocks.. then we cash in and sell.  24-36 months away from this goal IMO.   This will be the Lundins biggest hit...  why not hop on for the ride.  Its been fun from 1 to 8.. it will be even better from 8 to 50.  Good luck all.