So you conclude what exactly, that the market will be pleasantly surprised by Twiga and the stock will go up ?

I'm not sure I understand this next reference. Tullow suggested 3 - 5 zones that might flow 500 barrels each. Someone else believes that the top 3 zones will flow and the bottom two are in shale and may not flow so we may only get 1500 B's per day. That's my interpretation of someone elses view which was expressed here , right or wrong I have no idea but I presume that's what youre refering to in your line that states. 

"Past posts that stated they needed 1500 BPD is almost laughable. "

What are you inferring by this, that the flow rate should exceed this by a wide margin or what ?

I believe you were the person who alerted us to gas at Paipai. What are your sources saying now ?