As I depart, I must say soupless_in_Seattle I find it rather amusing that you created an account and your first post was bashing me as I say good-bye, rather strange individual you are! I have never used another identity at StockHouse and stormwarning, I'm leaving because I do have a life and great family and friends, of which I plan on spending more of my time together. I have been a very active trader this past year and I will continue to be in the future, however my days posting what I am doing or thinking are finished. I don't have to justify my thoughts or actions to anybody, certainly not to what I consider to be idiots.

There are many good posters having great contributions to the boards, and I have enjoyed those, however there are many idiots such as the above mentioned which I really have no time in my life to justify a response!

Once again I wish you all well, and my favorite oil stocks for 2013 which I hold strong and long positions are AOI - HRN - OYL - AEE.

I plan on not coming back and posting again until year end 2013. Even if the idiots try to pull me out, I'm done and moving on with my life. I certainly don't need to spend valuable time of my life on StockHouse.

Bye Bye,