As I sit back after a great Christmas meal with family and thinking about recent events around the World I ask myself what is it that drives Corporate governance to screw the system which help create their success. I just recently read an article about how facebook diverts their revenue steam to avoid paying USA corporate taxes.

This kind of mentality of USA corporate thinking makes me sick and just another reason why I say F.U. facebook I will never subscribe to your controlling cr ap and I or my immediate family will never join your controlling media center. I'm also disgusted that regular people feel that they need a high powered automatic rifles which shoot 6 bullets per second so that they can do devistation on to living beings.

I have made some comments over the years which have upset some and made others laugh, but I know that my computers are being hacked into by such unloved.

For many reasons I have now decided that I am saying good-bye to StockHouse Members and wishing you all well in your future investments and Life. Perhaps it is the recent tragety of the young children at their school, as I have an 8 year old Daughter, and I want to devote all my time to her well being. But also my Wife is just now coming out of her menopause and I survived that stage and am still married to her :)

I have no desire to joining investment clubs or being involved in P'n'D as I have never been involved in such, nor would I ever be involved. I'm not comfortable with others making their investment decisions on what I do or decide, nor do I want it to be so.

It has been an interesting year 2012 and I'm hoping as many are, that 2013 will be much better for us all.

There is a very good chance that I might not write again until this time next year, and if I do, it will be here on the AOI board, because this company has done, and will do well, for all its investors.

Good Luck to You All,

Skier59 :)