has occured too. The following have bought or excercised options or warrants and haven't sold a single share. :

Benitz : 100,000

Gibbs : 500,000

Hill : 436,000

Lorito : 6,521,601

Most insider activity depends on when they excercised their options and the tax hit they face. From what I can see these guys excersiced their options very early on when they were just in the money so their tax hit should be minimal. Others waited until the stock price was much higher and whereas they could have excercised and held the stock that strategy could be suicidal because the tax man uses the date of excersice as the date of disposition so they owe tax as income on those gains whether actually taken or not . You can imagine the tax you would face if you excersiced 100,000 options on the day the stock hit $ 11 which would give you an income of $ 1,000,000 but instead of selling you held onto the stock thiniking it's going higher. If the stock collapsed to $ 5 you'd have to sell all of it just to pay the tax man and you'd be down $ 100,000 on the cost of the stock too. !!!! Sometimes selling stock is the only sane thing to do !