could pop up at any moment and reverse the slide instantly. In addition KH is probably on the phone explaining the significance of the discovery to a variety of analysts who may feel they've missed the play and now want to take another look and get involved. He is also updating the current batch of analysts who may start buying anew to take adavantage of a short term downdip.

From what I can gather we were testing the extent of the deposit stepping back from the trapping mechanism , the fault  , a step out hole in mining terms and it appears that the deposit is still 30 meters thick some 4000 meters away from the trapping mechanism where the oil zone could be at it's thickest as in Ngamia . The deposit could also run along the fault for many thousands of meters in each direction from each hole and only time will tell if they actually join up somewhere in the middle. It also seems that one of our next holes could be an apprasel well at Ngamia and this one might step back from the fault to determine how much more oil there is at depth, we think we missed a zone of 300 meters because we drilled too close to the fault in that first hole and now we may be seeing some confirmation of that in the deeper sections at Twiga.

I think there is a lot more going on here geologically than a one page press release can explain but give Keith and the Tullow boys a few days to bring everone up to speed and things might start to look very differant very quickly. 

Paipai probably doesn't account for a single penny of our stock price and yet a hit there would be a second gamechanger and that could happen at any moment too.

Frustrating but hardly the end of the world.