Thanks for that insight...  So you are leaving us now?   Bummer.   Pointing out the obvious is such a skill, you will be missed.   Bye.   Really...what's the point in staying - you clearly have the situation sized up?   

I found it interesting how the author of that hack piece left so much out of the story.  Perhaps the most telling was his failure to mention all of the companies lining to Buy-in to the region and into AOI specifically.  

These buy-in's have not only helped defray cost but some of the many risks as well.    By holding off dilution through partnerships and by drilling on someone else's dime in these early stages of exploration, is a strategic coupe for shareholders.  

AOI's exploration targets are far too numerous to go it alone especially with such limited infrastructure in place.   This will come with success and burden of growing that infrastructure will be borne by many with a wider array of financial backing - once again as a form of defrayed risk.  Just look at rig acquisition alone.  Instead of waiting months to buy or contract rigs, Tullow just redeploys some of theirs, saving time and money and speeding the exploration process that will take years.   But alas, none of this is mentioned by the hack.  

With all the overt and subtle hints about Twiga's oil show out there, the question that drives the game right now is "How much?" and not "Is there any?"   The Twiga story looks more like a major turning point than disappointment.   But we will find out - won't we?  That's why we are here, and yes there are risks but the evidence is pointing more to success than outright failure.

In the meantime, thanks for such profound insights.   See ya. Bye.  Ta Ta.  Mr. Obvious.