By David Mugwe
This was posted last week in the business daily. basically what we know but i see tullow has contracted 2 new rigs to accelerat the program. interesting.
Posted  Wednesday, November 14  2012 at  20:19

London-based oil explorer Tullow will announce test results for its third well in Kenya before the end of next month.

Tullow has struck oil in its two wells located in Turkana County, and is undertaking additional tests to determine commercial viability of the deposits.
“Additional exploration drilling and testing results across our significant Kenyan and Ethiopian acreage position are expected before the end of the year,” said Tullow Oil in a statement released on Wednesday.

The Paipai-1 well commenced drilling in Block 10A in September and is currently drilling toward the planned total depth of 4,500 metres, the British explorer said, adding that in Ethiopia, a rig is currently being mobilised to drill the Sabisa-1 well in the South Omo block, which is expected to start late next month.

The British oil and gas explorer last month said it had discovered oil in the Twiga South-1 well, which is on block 13T.

In March the company had discovered oil in the Ngamia-1 exploration well.

Kenya’s profile as a potential oil, gas and precious minerals producer has risen significantly since the March announcement.

The Twiga South-1 well is said to contain more than 30 metres of net pay (depth) deposits, 10 metres more than the initial discovery at Ngamia-1.

Tullow Oil concluded drilling for oil in the Ngamia-1 well after reaching a depth of 2,340 metres, 400 short of the targeted 2,700 metres at the end of June.

The British oil and gas explorer said that more than 100 metres of oil depth was discovered in the first exploration well, Ngamia-1 in Block 10BB, adding that the Twiga South-1 well which is located 22 kilometres north of Ngamia in the adjacent Block 13T has the same geological basin.

“On 31 October 2012, Tullow announced that oil had been encountered in the Twiga South-1 well and that further details will follow after the well has reached total depth and a full set of wireline logs have been run,” said Tullow in yesterday’s statement.

Accelerated programme

“These activities are expected to be completed in the coming weeks and a testing programme on the Twiga South-1 and Ngamia-1 wells is being considered.”

The company has accelerated the exploration programme and two additional rigs have been contracted for operations in Kenya and Ethiopia.