I bookmarked that page.. when Twiga comes in and Ngamia alone is announced as commercial .. lets all go post a comment on that motley stool blog.  That guy doesn't even own any according to his disclosure .. he was just using AOI as a headline to get readers to look at his other holdings.. { wzr ( I also have)  own land in Kurd area around SNM ... not a bad play..}   but AOI is thee best play out there for 2013..  high impact wells to b drilled almost every month.. how can you top that!?!   He said its possibly a good short!?!   He should speak to DavidHiggins here and ask him how much KY he had to use while getting bent over shorting all the way up.    I have so many research reports on my desk on oil explores....none comes close to the potential AOI has.. if there is one please let me know.. I want to throw some cash at it!    AOI to triple digits in 3-5 yrs without a buyout.