Honestly guys, who really gives a hoot even if insiders sell some shares. They are given performance stock options as a bonus. If the stock goes up, especially 5 or 10 times over the exercise price then in my books these guys are entitled to a bonus and can cash some of those options. If they all rushed to the door and sold every option they had I would be concerned, but this is FAR from such a situation. Darn, I wish I had some of those so I could go out and buy me a nice Aston Martin, maybe in a few years, one slightly used :)

I'm impressed that our SP has held strong in the $10 range. We have a MC of over $2 billion based on 1 well with apparently over 100 meters net pay. Some are wondering why we are trading only a few million dollars a day.....?...hummmmm.....not so bad for a company having drilled only 1 well and no flow rates as of yet.

Actually you know what, everybody sell on Monday because I'm hoping to pick up some of those that I sold before Twiga comes in officially.

Keep your eyes on CGX - V.OYL as they should announce something maybe next week....and Tullow is a partner. That stock is at a 10 year low and there are discoveries all up the South American coast into the Gulf of Mexico.