Patterngal-I used to be spot on months ago.  I'm thinking my posts emphasize all the positive a stock could possess.  It brings the scum to the surface.  There are many reading these boards that do have other motives.  I am convinced there are a few here that do not want to see AOI do a PP at $18-$30 as they are part of the group that was denied the earlier $8.50 PP attempt.  This includes investment houses that would have loved to hold mega millions of AOI stock that will get chump nuggets after AOI releases upcoming successes!  They will do anything to TRY to hold the stock down now.  I am positive the Lundin group will rule the day when AOI states they only need to sell a few million shares instead of a truckload in order to fuel this rocket for another year.  I would stop posting but I like sharing my optimism and beating up uneducated bashers.  I get to laugh into my beer mug instead of kicking my dogs.