Vendy, you have proven yourself as a di(-head. I'm in AOI since $2 and I brought alot of investors in at that level and up to $5. I am one of the original posters on this board going back almost 1 year. Back then there was just a few of us like pennyoilking and Rions_Run and a couple of others. I actually tansferred a bunch of my OYL stock for AOI when the Ratio was 1 for 1. I took a chance at Porto and lost, so be it. I thought they had a good chance of hitting, lucky for me I can afford the loss on 50,000 shares, however I did profit on 20,000 shares that I sold at 22 so in the end I lost about $3000. That's the way the game plays, win some, lose some. I've already profited big time from AOI as I have pulled out profits to put in some other investments, such as the Porto mess. If I had been home that day I would have bailed because I told my friends that the 20 cent support was critical that it be held and if not they should get out. I got home just a few minutes to late because I was actually filling out my sell of 50,000 for 19 cents just as the crash happened, I basically missed by seconds. Those few seconds cost me $6500 as I bailed yesterday morning at 6 cents. Like I said win some lose some, cut your losses and move on!

I'm not sure why you think being a salesperson on the road is such a bad job? l rather enjoy my work as it gives me complete freedom to do as I choose, because I'm paid on commission for what I sell. If you saw my lifestyle, you would know that I'm doing very well for myself thank-you!