More scope for financing and promotion than the Venture these days.  On the home page of Stock House the President of the TSX Venture says he expects only 38 stocks to be delisted from the venture this year as most have paid their listing fees.  What he doesn't mention is another 500 to 600 having paid those fees have no cash left for 2014 listings and very little hope of raising it.  One quick fix would be to limit the number of stocks trading on the exchange to 2,000 or even less.  You want to start a new company and list then take over a shell already listed.  No new listings for at least 5 years. 

They should also stop all shorting, no 01 trades and make it a condition that management fees, office and shareholder items  can not exceed a fixed percentage of cash flow or cash in bank.  That would stop a lot of these guys taking their wives on vacation with shareholder cash !  JMHO.  Half my remaining porfolio is now trading under 5 cents and they can't even do a Placement at those levels, it's a mess.