These small volumes sold, bringing the share price back down to 9 cents would be a perfect opportunity to excercise those 8 million warrants due to expire May 3rd, 2013 @ 8 cents. Obviously declaring a 1 cent gain is advantageous to the warrant holders. Those of us that are Standing Pat should have no concerns with this share price drop. As soon as the warrants are exercised ( probably before the next interin statement is released), the share price will begin to rise dramatically.

This next quarter of operation will hopefully see an NI 43-101 update, increasing our resources. We shall also see the results of new techniques implented to blend Romeo and Julliette with Pine Cove (3 grams/ton or better!!!!). The total debt will be further reduced to $500 thousand. Looks like the Price of Gold is ready to make further advances and possibly break new highs. Money will be flowing in from Chile, excersed warrants, and on going production.

Does Dustin Angelo have his radar on for M&A activity(most certainly)? His exploration program is well funded without having to borrow.  Increasing the throughput to 2000 tons per day by adding machinery to the existing at a cost of $5 - 6 million will be a good possibility. Doubling the output and doubling the GRADE. Seems to me we can jump from a 16,000oz producer of gold to 48,000oz, annually .

Dustin Angelo is building our "Field of Dreams". No one ever said this journey would be easy. Soon all the debt will be gone and new investors will follow.


Cheers!!!! GLTA!