Sold out my lot a couple months ago at .15 for a nice profit from a .085 entry.  I have just been waiting on the sidelines for months with cash looking for a good entry point to work the cycle again.  I have been looking at the posts and news releases hoping the next upswing will not miss me.  Last couple of days I managed to pickup a small lot at .125, crazy but I guess someone needed the money.  To the person or persons  who sold at this level a big "thank you" from the bottom of my heart.  Just about everything has been covered in the posts on this gem, great potential here over the next 6 months.  Just my opinion but I believe gold prices will drift upwards to the $1900 range in 2013 which will place upward pressure on the producing juniors.  Hopefully, we move over .20 cent mark to where this one should be.  Good luck to all.