WEF not a good bet ?    Yet you say ANS is a buy with 368 Million in debt Vs WEF with No Net Debt. + dividend, where the product price charts look the same.      I think you are inclined to make assessments, weighted on current and past happenings rather than future projections. 
  The only real difference between them is size and that they have been brought forward with a different approach.    Both of these companies should in the future provide decent investment returns.  I see no reson to be out of either.
  As to the buy back of WEF read my last post there.    It is in my opinion why they are doing it in the manner they are. 
   Over the five+ decades I have been involved business wise with the forest industry I have been through more than a few of these cycles.   There is always fear and uncerntainty during the cycles,   In the end it has always been rinse and repeat.  I see no difference this time around.   Housing gets old and replaced, burned and destroyed.  Population keeps growing.      On top of the previous mentioned,  More new homes must be built to accomodate population growth.   It is a fact of life.    Those who supply these materials are the at the ground floor level of any civilized country's economy.  Their product is subject to boom and Bust cycles.  We are currently rising from the Bust era.