Are you nsure you are not refering to the company when Richard Huff was CEO.  It is now basicly ran by Brookfield.  They also market to Japan and China along with the US.

Following is Cpy & Paste

Ainsworth Lumber Co., Ltd. Friday announced the appointment of Jim Lake, currently Vice President, Operations as President and Chief Operating Officer, after President and CEO Richard Huff announced his retirement today.

In the position of president and chief operating officer, Lake would be responsible for all of the business and operations of the company and would report directly to the board of directors.  

  Ainswoth said that when he joined the company, Lake brought over 25 years of industry experience having held the position of vice president operations at Grant Forest Products and prior to that, vice president manufacturing at Louisiana Pacific Corp

Peter Gordon, chairman of the board, said,  Ainsworth remains well positioned for the market recovery in North America and we continue to pursue promising opportunities in Asian markets.

Vancouver, Canada-headquartered Ainsworth Lumber said Jim Lake joined as vice president of operations in June 2010 and that since that time he had led a significant improvement in operating performance at the company's mills.