Raymond James was and probably still is the financial backing behind CFF.    Their first mill was originaly the Canfor operation that was sold to Pope & Talbot who went banckrupt in Ft.St. James BC.        Ken Shields  I believe a descendent of a former GM  dealership Shields Motors of Prince George was appointed CEO.   Himself a former Raymond James financial manager.    They were doing well and decided to expand with the operation at Mackenzie. That move has yet to come to fruit.     Perhaps to aggressive of a timeline for a young fledgling company.      It seems they have never been able to muster much attention in the market.    And it may be the reason The guy from Raymond James never mentioned  ANS .    Not wishing to divert attention to another in the industry growing at a faster pace at less than half the share price.    With how it seems to be shaping up  I averaged up some on ANS a bit under $3.    Allowing plenty of room for a proper stop.   Don`t think upside is finished yet.