In the north the only people not working are those whodon't want to.  Such a demand for workers there is a employer sponsered training program in place in order to get people.   Tremendous shortage of skilled workers in the forest industry resulting from the bust cycle of 2008 / 2009.   Many workers have moved into oil / gas and mining industries. Many out to Alberta.   Average of a log truck driver in BC is over 50.  Not enough young people training to doit.  Even with wages being over $400 per day.  One company I know of in Prince George with very new and classy rigging, was offering close to 6 hundred a day for a couple of high quality experienced drivers Still had one more to find the last time I spoke with them.

  Good workere are a premium    Qualified workers can contact the CILA Prince George  and put your name on their website listing what you do and contact info.   You'll get an interview.  Just remember in any interview qualifications are great, but so is attitude.