Today, seeing as how the Rights finally arrived in my account.  I thought I would deal with it add have them exercised.  I phoned RBC and asked service rep. to do so.    I was asked to wait on hold for a bit.   When he got back to me said they could not exercise them as they did not have the paperwork to do so yet.    Said if I called back Friday they should have it by then.    Totally Ridicules  ! ! !      I'm think  the three stooges could do as well.

  Boolish there are two other forest companies additional to the ones Dave gave you.  RFP --Resolute Forest  formally Abitibi Bowater. and     CFF -Conifex which has a mills in Fort St James and Mackenzie BC   There are a number of other forest companies operating in Canada but are either private or trade on  American exchanges.