There has been some profit taking on the jump today. By some who sold on the news bounce.  and by some who do not realize as I understand it, only existing share holders will participate in the new share issue at $1.25.   that is said to be initiated around Nov.2    A great average down while S/P is rising. (Not a common opportunity)    There will be I expect a 4 month hold period like normal. 

  Considering the Continuing improvement in the US housing market , he fact that ANS has added a production facility by acquiring the Footer mill in Alberta and that the S/P of ANS reached a lofty $36 in 08 on lesser production than it is capable of now.  

Substantial upside here yet. Ainsworth is not affected by the Pine Beetle which is devastating BC and has infested some Alberta woodlands.  ANS fiber supply is mainly Aspen. Not affected by the bug and high natural regeneration.