I got to disagree with you Metalguy. AMM management are really good at managing their business. Take the Elk deal. Shifts project risk to Gold Mountain while the AMM management remains in control on the board and complete beneficiary of any upside. Same thing with Tarsis agreement, it takes the geology risk away from AMM but management still benefits from any discovery. Where these guys are struggling is with their geology. On their Ixtaca project Listen to the number of times the company Prez says ‘we think the veins are doing this’ or ‘we think the veins are doing that’ in interviews on resourcestockdigest.com. A experienced geo would never say that, he just puts a core orienting instrument on the drill bit and then he knows exactly what the veins are doing. Taking thqt hard data and building a predictive exploration model, now that’s more difficult and I think that is the reason for the 43-101. Seeking reassurance and advice from experienced geos, not all the recommendations in that report will be made public.