Hilarious. They've been drilling perependicular to the main mineralization as they should - turning the drills 90° has them drilling down the veins. Yup, you'll get some good long intersections, especially if you're re-drilling your proven best-mineralized zone. The flip-flop on drilling is a red herring - there is no clear evidence for this "other direction" (in fact, the other drilling argues against it) and, to my original point, the resource is completed on this zone so it is time to move on and make this thing bigger. 

Perhaps elsewhere on the property the orientation is different. Fine, pick the orientation there and drill it. The path to more ounces is in finding more tonnes, not re-drilling the stated 43-101 resource. 

The point about the poor recover in the volcanics was that the new hits were all in the ash and, with the met studies, those new ounces are only actually half ounces. The math is unfriendly to half ounces when you are trying to make a cut-off grade. Again, if they are going to build ounces here, the ash is not the best place to do it.

It is very discouraging to hear that they plan on continuing this re-drilling effort on the main zone as you suggest. You don't have to be a geologist to suggest to these boys to start drilling out by some of those big "OPEN" arrows on their map if they really want more ounces (that is if they truly believe those areas are open). Maybe that's what they're doing right now and, if so, that's great. If there is a reason they can't/won't drill there they should us know. No, I'm not going to call. Let everybody know.

This is all just info to backup the earlier assertions by analyst and metalsguy, an antidote to the fanboys that pump this stock when they should be pumping management to smarten up. Take a look at all sides and make your own decision.