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Almaden Minerals Ltd T.AMM

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s):  AAU

Almaden Minerals Ltd is engaged in the business of the acquisition, exploration and when warranted, development of mineral properties. The Company has property interests in Canada, U.S. and Mexico.
Price: $1.67 | Change: +$0.17 | %Change: +11.33%
Volume: 156,765 | Day High/Low: 1.70/1.50 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.17/1.08

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RE:News Out, but I cannot copy and paste it. More Gold. eom

Here u go: http://www.almadenminerals.com/News%20Releases/2014/Almaden_NR_July09-14.pdf And as I understand it it is not more gold but the ounces move into higher confidence resource classes... So...read more
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News Out, but I cannot copy and paste it. More Gold. eom

.  rate and reply
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Level II Action

Yes it looks like a financing is in the works. Its good business sense to raise money now before the final down draft of the Kondratieff K-wave winter really bites starting in 2015-16. With a...read more
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RE:Any idea?

who know, but i took some. I like the Ixtaca project and as far as i am aware they never issued such a statement on a JV or sale of any of their minor assets before. They own about 20 other projects...read more
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Any idea?

If this is good news? http://www.almadenminerals.com/News%20Releases/2014/Almaden_NR_May09_14.pdf Is this already the talk about taking out Ixtaca? Or just some other optioning out of the less core...read more
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The Level II action

It’s my Wild As Guess is that the price needs to be about $1.50 in preparation for a financing.  This could be seen as dilutive if there’s weakness once support is removed.  rate and reply
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Level 2

Good to see the market makers in on this stock. The big boys only get involved if there’s serious coin to be made.  rate and reply
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Moriarty Write-up

Bob Moriarty at 321gold.com did a positive write-up today and he has a fairly large following. This should give shares a boost. However, weak price of gold may limit influence today. See below. ...read more
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RE:RE: Valuing AMM

Tell me a number and there will be a way to argue it. Do the KBR numbers include the new mexican tax regime? Ixtaca is an ore body with quite high grade portions and lower grade material spreading...read more
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RE: Valuing AMM

Comparison of Ixtaca PEA with a bought project (KBR Monterde). In summary; AMM's ixtaca deposit returns less than half the IRR, has over 2x the payback period, a smaller NPV & almost 5x the capX using...read more
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One thing I just realized yet is that the numbers include the new tax regime in Mexico. And as it seems the mine plan is that of how a big company would adress this thing. So hopefully the drilling...read more
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You are right what I meant is that 500mio upfront money to build it might tighten the circle of potential buyers? And of course the question will be what price can be achieved when the project is...read more
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These people are not in for the point of capital financing.  I think it is only a matter of time before a buyout, at least  for just Iztaca.  I just do not see AMM having to prove the entire project...read more
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Hi Flapdoodl! I count 2mio ounces in the base case scenario? So If the 1,6mio refer to the Alternative Case with higher cut off 0,7 then it of course is right. And given that their own rigs are...read more
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RE:PEA out

Looks solid. This is based on only 1.6 million ounces of gold. As more reserves are upgraded, it will be over 4. Plenty of targets o to increase it even more.  rate and reply
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PEA out

http://www.almadenminerals.com/News%20Releases/2014/Almaden_NR_Apr16_14.pdf Looks solid to me. As far as  I understand economics this one has a nice leverage on the gold price. 1320 NPV after tax @8%...read more
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What does everybody think of the latest 43-101 report?

http://www.sedar.com/DisplayCompanyDocuments.do?lang=EN&issuerNo=00017484  rate and reply
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RE:More infill drilling results

Good post Flapdoodl. In that press release they’re speaking of goals they hope to reach in 2013 in the future tense. It might be to obscure the delay in the PEA due Q413 or just bad qaqc. Its not the...read more
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More infill drilling results

Almaden drills 81.07 m of 3.2 g/t AuEq at Tuligtic 2014-01-16 09:27 ET - News Release   Dr. Morgan Poliquin reports ALMADEN INFILL DRILLING ON MAIN ZONE, HITS 12.60 METERS OF 3.76 G/T AU, 300.6 G...read more
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Valuing AMM

The Invecture Group accepted all cash offer of 15 cents a share for Kimber Resources seems to put a value of $11 per oz. Au equ. in the ground for small Mexican deposits. From their PEA KBRs Monterde...read more