I see Agrium is buying Phosphate from Morocco yet they have the Canadian infrastructure for processing and production, would be nice to be able to buy from Canadian companies.  I see D'Arianne has a decent quality mine potential with high grades but I would also suggest looking at Glen Eagles 30 sq mile property near chicoutimi(Moose Lake) would be a better fit due to the location for support, infrastructure and shipping. The entire phosphate location is next to a major highway near Chicoutimi.  The early grades are looking good and the next grades will be even better and will prove to be much larger/higher qaulity mine than D'Arriane's.  Worth a look, would be nice to buy phosphate locally and support Canadian companies! Glen Eagle's market cap is about $6m and Dan's is about $70M.  Glen eagle's is near a major shipping port, Dan's is way up in the middle of nowhere and would be difficult to get infrastructure and workers there.