When I invested in ABX this year there were 3 data points that did not exist that have hurt ABX

  1. Gold shipments stopped by Dominican customs.  The DR gov't is pounding on ABX to renegotiate the agreement.   ABX must resolve this issue and quickly and find some win-win resolution.  There's been no press release on the talks.  How ABX can mess up custom forms is very odd and incompetent but resolve the issue now.
  2. PL environmental issues.  I read that ABX was being fined but it was small potatoes and then the hammer came down from Chile.  Sigh.
  3. PL title issues.  What's up with the noise they don't have clear title?  I find this incomprehensible that ABX can invest 8-10B without rock solid title.  Again, there's been no press release on this issue.

At the April 24th GM I expect these 3 topics to be at the forefront of a very heated and angry SH base and I would very much like clarity on atleast topics 1 and 3.  #2 will hopefully be resolved (some day) by the 2 Chilian senior exec hires.