We were getting sidetracked on my shareholder proposal idea.  I'd like to throw this proposal out there and am open to constructive suggestions (might throw in some numbers if we get recent date).

Again, anybody interested in supporting this proposal or even showing up at the meeting to present it?



Shareholders of Aberdeen International request that over the next year the board of directors authorize liquidation of the company, slowly and judiciously selling the company’s investments and distributing the cash to shareholders.  Securities that cannot be disposed of at fair market value within one year are to be distributed in-kind to shareholders.


Aberdeen International currently trades at, and has persistently traded at, a huge discount to its Net Asset Value (NAV).  This means that shareholders attempting to sell their shares in the market receive significantly less for their investment than its true worth.  This discount is unlikely to narrow given Aberdeen’s poor portfolio performance, Aberdeen’s small market capitalization, and executive compensation concerns in both Aberdeen and its affiliated companies.  In essence, management has lost the confidence of shareholders, which has led to a significant and persistent discount on the stock.  The best option at this point is to wind up the company and distribute cash and securities to shareholders so that they can realize NAV before NAV is eroded away by executive compensation and overhead expenses.