bashertrasher1 wrote: MyLIAR admitting to running a pump and dump scheme and trying to suck in the gullible investors. See his pump of GGN.T below!!!

Here's a pump posted by MyLIAR on August 24, 2011 regarding BZA:

mylar1 wrote: SeeApenny, if you think these 2 have quite a lot in common then you are very new to investing in jr miners. BZA has resources and is almost in production. Fully funded! KTN is what? The key point to remember is one is/will produce and the other is drilling. 99% of jr mining exploration companies fail!!! Similarities end after you say they are both jr miners.

At the time of the pump from MyLIAR, BZA was trading at aroung $0.65. Today it's trading a two cents.

And here he is admitting to dumping:

mylar1 wrote: Poor trashy! Sounds a lot like that other loser, the late, not so great stocky! Did you follow my advice and get into BZA too? Unfortunately I didn't say when to dump so I guess you and your alter ego stocky were left holding da bag! But seeing you SUNK your money into AAA you are used to losing. Remember what happened to your old pal ss1867? He sold AAA and then staggered drunkenly from one losing jr miner to another!!! Such is your fate trashy! We tried to help but instead of drinking the koolaid you began chugging it!

And here's MyLIAR pumping GGN. He was saying that GGN.T would be worth $0.90 to $1.00 !!!! Gryphon gold (GGN.T) has since gone BANKRUPT!!!!! I wonder how many fell for this little con man's trap on GGN???

From September 12th, 2011 on the GGN.T (Gryphon Gold) board. LMFAO!!!!!

mylar1 wrote: A back of the envelope calculation I have seen used is 3X cash flow. Correct me if I am wrong but that would put price between .90 - $1.00


Well MyLIAR, you were DEAD WRONG on that one, weren't you? GGN didn't go to .90 - $1.00, it went to ZERO. NADA.

What does all this say about YOUR investment skill MyLIAR?????????????

MyLIAR is sooooo quick to point the finger, isn't he??? Go take a look in the mirror you little scam artist. Psychopath MyLIAR.