Ya know why I continue to pounce on you? Let me tell you.
As long as I've known you here, you have been nothing but a bully to everyone with the slightest negative DD on Allana Potash. You always fight with the so called bashers because you feel you are defending your investment. A good investment does not need to be defended.
  You always muddied this forum with your anger and hatred. Many times I asked you to put your enemies on ignore but you chose not to. Instead you just baited them and made things worse. You've turned this board into something worse than before, if that was possible.
   As punishment for you not heeding the advice from me and others to reign in your anger and for refusing to put your bashers on ignore, I have chosen to challenge you and your misleading posts. My beef is not so much with the company and its management, but more with you. It is easy to get on your nerves. Any negative about the company or management , you go nuts. You no longer offer anything of real value to anyone here, except your fellow choir members of course, right Ferti?