I don't think that is the case & Dundee itself hasn't participated in the trading of the stock in some time. Dundee capital markets was spun out on its own as part of Scotia buying Dundee Wealth - Correct me if i'm wrong, I don't think Scotia owns DCM, but they are still a division of Dundee Corp - On Bloomberg, it is showing that AAA is under review at Dundee but there is a different analyst name there. They haven't covered it since Klertas left (was fired?)


I check Net house positions from time to time and I don't recall Scotia being a big Net house buyer in the past, that is all. Maybe I'm just looking for parallels that don't exist, but it does make me think whenever there is overwhelming buying volume from one particular broker, that isn't followed by roughly equal volume on anonymous sell side (like when Dundee did the bought deal with AAA). Also, if that broker is TD I don't pay attention because they have the biggest retail market share by far and that's not what I'm looking for. Anyway, time will tell.