Anyone know how long it has been since these guys applied for their licence?  It seems they applied late last year and have yet to get it. Things move slowly in Ethiopia. I'm not sure why Abasov believes that it will be so much different for Allana. There's a tonne of red tape to contend with. Just because the ministry approves a license does not mean that it is a done deal. It still has to be voted on by a bunch of politicians and we all know what politicians are like the world over. They are almost always in it for themselves.

 Soon Allana will come out with a news release saying that we have met the requirements for a mining licence. That's not to be confused with "grant" of a mining licence, which Nyota is still struggling with.

   We know this mine is going to go ahead so just let us get on with it.


Nyota Minerals moves closer to mining licence award in Ethiopia

January 17 2013, 7:45am “We are one step closer to developing Ethiopia's next gold mine.'“We are one step closer to developing Ethiopia's next gold mine."


Nyota Minerals’ (LON:NYO) Tulu Kapi gold project in Ethiopia has taken another step forward after the country's mining ministry confirmed its definitive feasibility study (DFS) met the requirements for a mining licence.

Nyota added that after talks with the ministry over the fiscal and legal aspects of the Tulu Kapi plans, both parties believe that they are close to finalising the terms for the issuance of a mining licence.

The company has also received an extension of its exploration licence, which it said means it can conclude preliminary preparations for the resettlement of people living within the proposed mining licence area and further exploration at Tulu Kapi to optimise the project.

This includes the Feeder Zone drill programme, where results are anticipated very shortly, it said.

Richard Chase, Nyota’s chief executive, added: "The Ethiopian Government's acknowledgement that our DFS and the ESIA [environmental and social impact assessment] comply with all requisite regulations for the issue of a mining licence means that we can now focus on negotiating the terms on which such a licence will be granted and raising the necessary funding.

“We are one step closer to developing Ethiopia's next gold mine."