You just played the river card did ya?

I ask Gagger to post a confirmation slip and so Scorpio posts one....

He comes on here.... Talkin the lingo of Bobbie....  the Casino Dealer..... with the so-called river card play.

You're sure you know what hat you're wearin?

Also Scorp... since you work at a brokerage house.... who's account did you pull that slip from.....

and why are you answerin for Gagger?

As for electronic proof I'd have to look and see if I have the ton of fill slips on my other computer... I usually erase them but you never know. I took this from my Itrade summary.

and Gagger still never proved ownership of a single share? Someone may have... but not Gagger...

Motive.... ????

ALLANA POTASH CORP AAA Feb. 20, 2013 Feb. 25, 2013 CAD SELL
ALLANA POTASH CORP AAA Feb. 22, 2013 Feb. 27, 2013 CAD SELL
ALLANA POTASH CORP AAA Feb. 19, 2013 Feb. 22, 2013 CAD SELL