Okay Gagher/Steelbluiis, show me what you got. This is my last buy , still averaging up, which was actually 20,000  (18,000 on Alpha and the other 2,000 on the TSX as I stated in past). Now lets see you post a sale of at least 20,000 shares, since you said you bought around 40-60,000 and subsequently sold all. If you can't show us a sale transaction, then you never sold and are still holding shares (which would require some explaining to all as you say you don't hold any now). If you didn't sell, then  show  us a buy of at least 20,000 shares. Time to put  up or shut up. The river card has been played. 


Transaction Security description
Quantity Price ($) Amount ($)
You bought
18000 0.36
Ticker symbol: AAA
Security number: 018672
CUSIP ID: 016735102
Trade number: 002932
Trade processed by: 9EON
Gross transaction amount CAD 6,480.00
Net transaction amount CAD $6,489.99
As agent, TD Waterhouse confirms the above purchase on Alpha Trading