In order to know who would claim insurance for any loss of cargo due to "Pirates", you would first need to know who the shipper in the charter party agreement would be and if within the agreement they are responsible for the cargo once on the ship. Allana may just sell the cargo before is gets to the dock or at the dock and it may become the responsibility of the new owner and/or the ship owner. Whatever the circumstance may be, the cargo would have to be insured along with the ship or it would not be permitted to enter 99% of the ports of the world. Insurance may be expensive but it is the cost of doing business in most places of the world, and remember, Allana may not be responsible for insuring any cargo that comes from their mines. Rumncokes, before you speak from your posterior and instill fear, you might want to read up on some facts. Try looking up IMO and dig into charter party agreements and the many variables that come with it.