Canada aboriginal movement poses new threat to miners

Whatever!!! I was at a casino on a reserve the other day. Let me tell ya, things looked pretty darn idle to me.

  I can't stand harper but perhaps it's the best government to have in place at this time. He won't back down much I think. This country cannot be held hostage to a few thousand people who will never be happy no matter how much is given to them. Why even bother trying to satisfy? They talk about environmental this and that and erosion of culture and so on. The fact is that Canada has created a wellfare society by caving into their wishes.

  We all have "adjusted" to reality. Many of us are here because of conflicts in our homecountries during this generation or generations past. We move on for the sake of ourselves ,our families and our  communities. There is no room for bitterness about what has passed. Move forward for your people. This is not the way.