et tu, wounded?? Thank you for the exalted rank of General!!! I hope I made at least 4 star!!! Now every general needs at least one dim witted lackey so I will leave it to the board to decide between stocky, lacksmoney or Dr clang!!! I will also need an aide who wears rose coloured glasses and I would nominate jeremy ( who I suspect may be the minister of development for Ethiopia). As for an intelligence officer, well, that will require an import as the few worth listening too have long since left this board.

wounded, you really need to wake up and smell the potash!!! You caught a falling knife here!! You listened to the pumpers and paid too much for your shares. On top of that, you invested more than you could afford to lose. You bought a lotto ticket wounded!! Luckily for you it may actually pay you back some. Look on the bright side though - your paper loss is not nearly as high as what stocky and lacksmoney incurred with their lost profits.


PS Sorry for the feeble attacks. I will try to make them stronger!!