I am not a "cry baby" and I might add that I still own 70k shares. Consider how  a price jump of one dollar will affect my position. That is totally witin the realm of possibility within the next few months and once a trend developes indicating a more bullish move on this stock I will be filling in my position. I certainly should not be regarded as a benchmark for this board. I did not sell(30k...16.5 g's) because my expectations for Allana have eroded..As I said, I think it's prudent to have some cash on hand. Farhad himself stated that he would like to see financing complete by summer. I don't see too much movement until this event. We are slowly but surely wearing down the bashers of Allana and if all they have left is to point out that I temporarily reduced my position then I would say victory belongs to the longs(no pun intended).  Mylar has moved up to General in "basher" rank by default as for some reason he still continues his relentless feeble attacks..both on the company and certain posters on this board. In all due respect Mylar...a man of your intelligence should know better.