What Due dilegence. Theres no road, no rail, no infrastructure, its a 600km at 80km/hour(round trip is 15 hours with load/unload not included). Its only 90km/hour in saskatchewan on a twin highway thats paved. I agree, natural gas for evapourating water which is $50 a tonne, but you have no electricity to run your plant unless its a diesel generator. Wheres the diesel substaining capex price? I will say, Ercosplan is a very good engineering outfit, but this is not a "Bankable Feasibility" as so it does not qualify for debt financing. Which means everyone has to give you money(dilution to the max) Its a feasibility study like MagIndustries, Who Ercosplan did as well... 4 times!. But wheres the minable tonnes? Wheres the Magnesium, i think that test showed that evaporation will work but its NOT what your deposit is. Its on a man-made syvinite brine. somehow mining on top of a Carnallite seam. Good luck with all that magnesium.

 As for me doing my DD

How can I, when the Feasibility Study isnt released on Sedar yet. Im just sayin what i see jumps up at me right away. Theres a price to pay in Saskatchewan in higher opex and capex. It is the price of NOT being expropriated by govt. How can you possibly know any numbers and accuse me of due deligence? Allana just released there feasibility and has 45 days to post on sedar. Its not public, its ok, theres a lot of pumpers on all the junior boards.

Here's something ill leave you with. $30 a tonne to truck is, $30 Million a year, 25 years is $750 million for the life of the project or  go into rail for $1.5 Billion. If that makes sense to you, please indulge me. Cause that doesnt to a real investor and why i dont think this is complete. 4 red flags before i can even get my hands on the feasibility. come on now

As i said I look forward it to coming on Sedar