Can someone explain how its $30 a tonne to transport 600km to port in  a 3rd world country. I can only imagine that there max speed is like 50km/hour as every 3rd world country the roads are the main arteries for food, so theres people every mile of the way. I would assume a 10-12 hour day per shipment just to get to port. Diesel and labour  must be free for $30?

If its $60 a tonne to put on the rail in Saskatchewan. Why would you put in on rail if you can truck it, and load it on a ship for $30? Why is Saskatchewan using natural gas (the cheapest form of energy) and not using Diesel generators then.

I dont think this feasibility is complete and I look forward to reading it on Sedar. Theres a lot missing here. Aside a 3rd world country, theres no roads, rail, or power. Theres no infrastructure, Is everybody else just going to build the roads, power lines, rail, port. I commend Allana for finding fresh water in a dessert,  in a very poor place in the world

With your Opex being so low, what happens when the village over throws you for fresh water and for more than $10 a day in wages. It seems like the bare minimun was done. In saskatchewan, the smallest amount of carnallite destroys a sylvinite process. Your mining on top of Carnallite. So unless the rules have changed from saskatchewan and ethiopa. I expect your brine to be alot different than the "sythetically made brine" (0% Carnaliite/magnesium) used for testing and whats on your corparate presentation.

Im not saying Allana couldnt be built and producing. If China placed an army there 24/7 to hold peace, you could produce. Its not far fetch, look at the USA with Iraq.

Im looking forward to Sedar. Ive just read through WPX, KRN, MAA, Potash 1 feasibilies and am picking thru. Right off the biggining "Diesel" is realtively the same price all over the world. Theres no way it can be cheaper than saskatchewan natural gas from alberta.

And as someone posted wheres all the tonnes. Is this going to be another MagIndustries with 4 feasibilities? And dont tell me there still there I only see 8million proven!on this PEA that is minable...questionably? Im going home, somebody answer this before its spammed to page 5 by morning please