Afart, the Cameron Read fella is a 50 something, baseball cap wearing blogger who writes about all things African and Allana. He is quite well known for his agressive behavior on stockhouse when he used to post under the name seekingalfalfa and lotioneleven. Now he posts here under a new name.

 It's sad really to see that such a devotee of Allana and her management would have let himself be led down the garden path. He actually believed there would be an open pit and believed that SOP from Kainitite was a proven and viable option for Allana. I'd hate to feel the pain he is feeling right now. It must be horrible, really.

  It is always good to examine all possibilities so as to avoid future disappointments. Allana will do just fine without this fella and his 400,000 shares, if he sells. Kainitite is not the be all and end all for Allana. We will be fine with MOP production as the numbers clearly demonstrate.