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January 31, 2013:New rig for Meridian


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January 19, 2013: The SmallCapPower CEO Interview - Allana Potash CEO Farhad Abasov

January 18, 2013: Allana Potash: on the way to becoming one of the first and largest potash producers in Africa

January 17, 2013: Ethiopia develops major potash reserves for Asian Markets

January 15, 2013: Bright Spots in the Fertilizer Market

January 14, 2013: Raymond James - Allana Potash Corporation

January 8, 2013: Africa benefits from the relationship between Palm Oil and Potash

January 7, 2013: High Water Recharge Rate brings Allana’s ambitious Targets Closer to Reach

January 6, 2013: Allana Potash Discount Days Appear Over

January 4, 2013: Chinese companies go on the attack

January 4, 2013: Salman Partners upgrades Allana Potash Corp. (TSX:AAA)

January 4, 2013: Les favoris de Salman Partners pour 2013

January 3, 2013: Liberty Metals and Mining rounds out junior portfolio with met coal investment

January 2, 2013: Get Your Hands on Fertilizer in 2013

December 24, 2012: Africa’s First MOP/SOP Producer Could Be A Game Changer

December 21, 2012: Working with the land: Allana Potash Corp. introduces green practices in Ethiopia

December 18, 2012: Djibouti: Construction of Tadjourah Port Kicks Off

December, 17 2012: Djibouti launches Tadjoura Port construction

December 14, 2012: Allana Potash’s Ethiopian Project Presents Enormous Potential in a High-Demand Market

December 13, 2012: Ethiopia: Prime Minister Travels to Djibouti

December 13, 2012: Allana Potash announces additional Water Resources from Nova Acquisition

December 10, 2012: Ethiopia: from Famine to a leading Emerging Market in Three Decades

December 3, 2012: Potash and Phosphate Month-in-Review: Fertilizers still in Demand despite Losses

December 1, 2012: Richard Kelertas, Allana Potash Corp. - HiAlpha Mining Investment Conference 2012

November 28, 2012: South Boulder Mines announces an updated economical study

November 26, 2012: Potash is like Real Estate: Location, Location, Location.

November 23, 2012 : Ethiopia: Danakil potash prospects see some exit and others double down

November 12, 2012: Potash and Phosphate Weekly: the Market Rules are changing in Favor of the Junior Plays

November 6, 2012: The Pulse: Potash problems in Eritea; China’s rare earth quandary; Minor Metals action, and Gold collateral

November 2, 2012: Allana Potash upgraded

November 2, 2012: Raymond James – Ethiopian Tour Highlights: Danakhil Confidence Rising; Upgrading to OP2

November, 2012: 20th anniversary of ECORSPLAN (p.66-67)

October 16, 2012: Allana Potash says it is on Target for Production to start in late 2014

October 1, 2012: Yara takes over Ethiopotash

September 28, 2012: Potash Set to Grow in Transitioning Ethiopia

September 22, 2012: BHP’s properties transferred to other mining companies

September 19, 2012: No half measures — Allana Potash doubles its Ethiopia land holdings

September 17, 2012: A Conversation with Richard Kelertas on the Allana Potash Project in Ethiopia

September 12, 2012: UbikaResearchVideos - Allana Potash Corp.

September 7, 2012: Africa: the new Potash Frontier

September 4, 2012: Allana Potash Corporation (Raymond James)

September 4, 2012: India searches for potash in Canada

September 1, 2012: Business as usual for Allana Potash in Ethiopia after a Delicate Political Transition thanks to the Legacy of Meles Zenawi

August 21, 2012: Mining sneaking to the front

August 16, 2012: Long-term Potash Prices Supported by Global Push for Food Security

August 3, 2012: The Small World of Big Potash

July 25, 2012: Initial Water Tests Encouraging; Another (Positive) Step Forward;%20Another%20%28Positive%29%20Step%20Forward.pdf

July 19, 2012: BHP Billiton Abandoning Potash Project in Ethiopia’s Danakil

July 18, 2012: BHP Silent on Ethiopian Project

July 9, 2012: Allana Potash's Increasingly Positive Developments In 2012

July 5, 2012: Allana May Start Potash Exports From Ethiopia by End of 2014

July 4, 2012: Allana Potash: The best of all worlds

July 3, 2012: Ethiopia: Foreign firms invest over US$6 bn in potash mining

June 28, 2012: Ethiopia inks two railway projects worth 3.2 billion dollars

June 26, 2012: Danakhil Infrastructure Gets a Small Boost; More Still Required;%20More%20Still%20Required.pdf

June 25, 2012: Ethiopia, China Communications in $1.5 Billion Rail Deal

May 31, 2012: Biggest Value for Agricultural Investors Revealed: Steve Hansen

May 18, 2012: Ethiopian potash prospects buoyed by acquisition, says junior

May 9, 2012: Four ways to profit from the population explosion

May 8, 2012: Indian companies in talks to buy stake in Canadian potash firms

May 8, 2012: InvestmentPitch - Allana Potash Inc (TSX: AAA)

May 7, 2012: Allana Potash rated "top pick" by Dundee Securities, discussed on BNN

May 6, 2012: Ethiopia: Danakil Basin could become an int’l source of potash

May 3, 2012: Allana Potash Estimates 1.3 billion Tons of Potash Capacity at the Dallol Project

May 3, 2012: Allana VP Jack Scott on Ethiopia potash resource estimate

May 1, 2012: Update Confirms World-Class Resource; Maintaining MP3 Rating;%20Maintaining%20MP3%20Rating.pdf

May 1, 2012: Allana pumps up potash resources at Dallol

May 1, 2012: Yara's Ethiopia deal implies strong prospects for potash companies like Allana

April 6, 2012: Allana Potash Announces Further Evidence of Potash Mineralization at its Dallol Project in Ethiopia

April 2, 2012: Raymond James Starts Allana Potash At "Market Perform" With $1 Target Price

March 29, 2012: AAA: Initiating Coverage - African Salt; Developing the Danakhil;%20Developing%20the%20Danakhil.pdf

March 21, 2012: Dundee Securities maintains positive outlook for Allana Potash

March 6, 2012: Allana Potash Corp.

February 22, 2012: Allana Potash says Djibouti government will build new port for Ethiopia

February 14, 2012: Allana Potash Corp.

February 7, 2012: Allana Potash Corp.

December 5, 2011: Allana Potash Corp.