New rig for Meridian


31/01/2013 14:32:00

The Beretta T44 rig will be deployed in Ethiopia, where it will be used on the potash project Meridian is working on – Allana’s potash project.

rotation speed of 0 – 352rpm and a drilling diameter of 258mm.

Jeremy Moore MD of Meridian Drilling said: "Taking delivery of the Beretta T44 rig was a great start to 2013 and will boost our capacity on the Dallol Project, which we have been working on since January 2010."The project is located 

It measured and indicated mineral resources totaling 1,298 M tonnes containing 251M tonnes of KCl and additional Inferred Mineral Resources of 588M tonnes containing 109M tonnes of KCl.

Allana has had advanced discussions with the Minister of Transportation, Minister of Mines and the Minister of Defense regarding infrastructure improvements in the Danakil region which would greatly enhance the economics of the projects.