The only lesson learned here today is that staggernuts is a complete moron, which most of us already knew. Ocean and Mylar , well done . This fool needs to be exposed for what he is. He does a disservice to people seeking information on Allana. He's one of the company's greatest cheerleaders yet he behaves like an utter and complete fool.

  Perma long is a fitting description. And we all know that any perma long in any company is an even bigger perma idiot. Once a fool always a fool!!!

  Stag, when will India start increasing their demand for potash? I've been hearing for a couple of years or so that it would be real soon. Soon has become quite long. What the heck is going on over there? How can these people be surviving when all the experts tell us how bad their production yields are. What are they eating? Grasshoppers and salamanders?