This news story has already been posted on our board, but it clearly shows what I was talkiing about how the Indian's need Potash.... It's not an option...

For this reason the Indian's will be looking to secure their potash supply IMO outside CANPOTEX and the current suppliers.




The Pulse: India’s potash crisis;
Posted on 
January 30, 2013
 by Robin Bromby
India is now seriously under-applying potash, accord to the latest commodity bulletin from Scotiabank. This is leading to an imbalance in nutrient application which is of increasing concern to the country’s domestic fertilizer association. It is, not unsurprisingly, contributing to low crop yields – at a time when the government in New Delhi is urging India’s farmers to lift harvests to feed the ever-increasing number of mouths. It is expected that by 2050 there will be 1.6 billion people living in India.
Scotiabank says the nitrogen to potassium ratio of fertilizer application is now 10:1 – the optimal is 2:1. “If India is to improve its yields – important for food security – it must step up potash application again,” says Scotiabank’s Patricia Mohr. She expects India to resume buying potash in the coming months, although the order pick-up may be modest. Mohr expects world potash demand to rebound in 2013 to about 54 million tonnes as many buyers restock.