gagger city. So have a good time cause the sun can't shine everyday. You don't see the clouds on the horizon.

Only one not hurt today was AAA and I dropped half my position. Maybe the wind will blow them clouds by on the other side and the sell will prove wrong. The expectant news says it was dreadfully wrong; but the performance of the sector and the thinness of the bids suggest caution. I dont mind calling my moves. Locked in some gains and still in the money here. If sod it right (likely) the BFS will be late.... the preponderance of sentiment suggests the price will lower if they are late. Had the overall juniors held today so would have I. Lets see how well I read it later. But it really doesn't matter does it. Gains are locked in and my remaining average is still well within the money and with the huge wall right ahead as pointed out last week in my chart showing the channel of greatest resistance... there will be ample time to still average up once again. One more down day in the sector like this and we shall see how strong the support is. I am still long and the price holding as it did at today's close shows very nice strength. As for suggesting you follow me.... well if you were in the money to begin with and not just trying to hold your head above the water from your average 2.00 price you could think about it. I locked in 21% gains today. Cheers :-)

  43.09   +0.02 +0.05%  
  113.86   +0.51 +0.45%  
  0.59   +0.01 +1.72%  
  0.44   -0.03 -5.43%  
  0.19   -0.01 -5.00%  
  0.24   -0.04 -14.55%  
  0.05   -0.01 -10.00%  
  5.51   0.00 0.00%  
  0.08   +0.01 +7.14%  
  0.55   -0.02 -3.51%  
  0.05   0.00 0.00%  
  0.76   -0.01 -1.30%