Actually; there will always be more than a few occasions for multi baggers in the market unless one is a relatively new investor or lacks an understanding of market timing. Homeruns are more a mix of timing (sentiment) meets opportunity than luck. The last thing a person should believe is "this is the greatest thing since sliced bread in any scenario" as the tendency to go overboard in terms of risk/reward ratios becomes almost automatic.

I am long here and believe firmly in the current odds. But; If you like AAA so much - take a position and sit back and relax/participate. Your posting is bordering on pumperville mentality of which there has never been a lack. You should look back to see the old pumper posts and the relatives and friends that listened to them and took a bath. Most are now long gone. Unbridled enthusiasm can prove detrimental to one's net worth. Hopefully just your own. Gaggersez Cheers :-)