I initially came on this board as a huge Karnalyte bull(i still am) that had a mild curiosity about allana .
I used to think(up till about 2 Weeks ago)krn was head and shoulders above every other junior potash play, well it is except for aaa.
I can honestly say I would nearly have to toss a coin in the air to choose which one i currently prefer.
This is largely due to the informative posting on this board and a few constructive Arguments with some posters on this board combined with spending time on aaa website and in particular their latest presentation.
The details provided by management on the aaa presentation shows the pedigree of this project. And I actually think that management are in this for the long run and don't want to sell(although buy out offers will surely come).
I would encourage every poster here to open Aaa's investor presentation(and/or krn's) on their computer and compare them with say wpx's (or any other potash juniors) and you will see a stark contrast between fact vs fluff, Details vs prose, Firm plans vs hopeful speculation.
I would strongly suggest every aaa investor do this as an exercise as it is an amazing contrast when you compare the lack of detail in wpx's presentation. 
It is especially useful on days when the market is not properly reflecting Aaa's value(which is everyday at the moment)
There Are not many occasions in an investors life where there is genuine opportunity for a 10 bagger.
But aaa is that very opportunity!