With average aquifier depths of 20 meteres this is such a significant development in Alana's plan. The recharge rates are impressive.

i can't understand how certain posters can read news releases like this one and not be blown away by the FACTS. 

Wpx has to pay a fortune to pipe treated poop wrapped in toilet paper 40km from their mine and people on the wpx board are high fiveing themselves and patting themselves on the back for investing in such a "great" company. Yet here is Allana finding CLEAN UNCONTAMINATED water . This in my opinion is worth 5 feasibility studies. This is probably(outside of the resource and depth) the most important news release the company could make and I am sure some deep pocketed companies are watching closely.

in Israel and I think Jordan there is quite a large environmental outcry at the moment(hasnt made a lot of news yet outside middle east) because large volumes of the Dead Sea are being depleted and their is not a significant recharge rate.  This is of course Attributed to israili chemicals and I think it's Arab potash in Jordan. 

Cant remember how much it is dropping every year but it is significant and I think it's accelerating .

So the potash industry in these countries(lucrative) is currently pitted against the tourism Industry(extremely lucrative) yet potash corp still wants to buy Icl. Crazy.

what will water levels be in the Dead Sea in 10 yrs?

it is crazy to think that a company with the potential of allana had a much higher share price when there was still significant risk attached to it.

now the company has been desrisked hugely by the confirmation of huge volumes of water on the property and we are awaiting a feasibility study that will essentially act as the 'starters pistol' for the Chinese And Indians to get involved.

the current sp is a testament to the lunacy of the market, but on the plus side it gives us either a good entry point or a great opportunity to average down.

imho this project is 100% going to production