I guess I am dumb because I don't see the difference between Allana paying for advertizement (through articles written by Ubika and Proedgewire) and Shell or Walmart paying for TV ads. Its all about promotion & marketing.  If the fine prints are there (Ubika) or there are big ads showing Allana is a sponsor (proedgewire), I don't see why Allana would be looking bad. These articles/videos are often only a summary of the corporate presentation and they are a good starting point for DD.


While I agree that they need Institutions (which they should come back in after the BFS/financing), they still need to get the message out to bring long-term investors in (average joe like You and I that are not traders) and I think spending a few thousands $$ on stock promoters on the internet (who read newspapers?) is a good way to achieve this goal.


Anyway, I'm done on that subject. My new little princess is calling her dad.